pcxFirefox Internal Portable feature from adonais

For some reasons, I have been hoping to develop an open source tmemutil module all the time, but I failed it, until adonais wrote the similar libportable module, which is a perfect substitute for tmemutil.

At the libportable early code, I cloned the code and introduce some fix for my firefox. As libportable module continues to mature, I plan not to make big fix for it, and want to make it my default portable module, maybe only fix the compatible issue with tete009’s tmemutil.dll. Of course anyhow, I suggest you to use it, whether it is from adonais‘s original edition or from my fix edition.

The reasons I want to move to it has two:
1. tete009’s tmemutil.dll is a private module, on a newer tmemutil edition, it is SSE2 optimized. But I want to make my future mini edition run on no SSE2 CPU, so I must need an open source module.
2. tete009 tmemutil.dll can not support unicode tmemutil.ini

You can find libportable‘s usage details from here.
I will tanslate it here later.

I create adonais‘s original libportable prebuilt edition here.

My fix libportable edition is here.