pcxFirefox 33.1 is Released

Celebrate 10 years of Firefox!


SSE2 x86 edition contains en-US, zh-CN, zh-TW, ja


2 comments on “pcxFirefox 33.1 is Released

  1. Raymond says:

    After 10 years study , firefox still has no private favourite list , last time opened tab and history ,
    I use the most updated pcxfirefox and try to have an independant favourite list & history.
    So I delete all the favourite record within the new portable pcxfirefox version, and finally found that so called independant firefox share the same favourite record and history. This is not only a problem of so claimed independant and also a gap for virus to seek.


    • xunxun says:

      Sorry, I can’t understand your meaning. Do you mean my build using portable mode shares the profile with the official edition?


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