pcxFirefox 24.8.1 ESR_Final Edition

I plan to build ESR final edtion after the ESR editon reached the maintenance period ( including firefox and thunderbird ).

Here is firefox 24.8.1 ESR_Final Edition link, thunderbid 24.8.1 ESR_Final Edition is being testing for stablity at present.
Download pcxFirefox

And except SCR and SmartRAM feature, firefox 24.8.1 ESR_Final Edition has added the feature:
Add Google GEO API Key ( You can test it from http://mozqa.com/data/firefox/geolocation/position.html and https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/map-geolocation, other custom build may lack this feature )


12 comments on “pcxFirefox 24.8.1 ESR_Final Edition

  1. Facta says:

    Probably you’ve forgotten to include ‘msvcp120.dll’ and ‘msvcr120.dll’ in the x86-US package. It won’t start. I’ve added those files from pcxFirefox 34.0.5 and it works. 🙂

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  2. Alex says:

    Why you cant create the .exe installers of all pcxFirefox version ?
    For example this yous version, link —> https://yadi.sk/d/Oskhsb8gdJ2Yg


  3. lczlcz says:

    when I run ESR version, in the option – contents, I cannot see 新宋体 font but in 34.05 enUS version, I can see and select 新宋体font. Without that font, the Chinese website looks strange.
    Do you know how to fix that?


    • xunxun says:

      But I use my 24.8.1 ESR x86/x64 edition, I can see 新宋体 font on my Win8 x64 OS.


      • lczlcz says:

        I am using win 7 x64 English version both at home and in office.
        I can’t see this 新宋体at my office computer. But I just installed the ESR version at my home computer and I can see 新宋体 font. Maybe because of the region set up.
        Thanks for the help.


  4. konuy says:



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