Portable Fonts Mode in Firefox

After reading the Bug 998844, I knew that Mozilla Firefox had supported a portable font mode since 32.0, but it was only enabled on Android, so now I use –enable-bundled-fonts to enable this feature for desktop firefox, here is the prebuilt test edition’s TEST LINK, of course, I haven’t applied most optimization for the test edition.

You can put some fonts to firefox/fonts directory to check whether the feature is effective.

And another thing, I try to add Google GEO API Key and Google Oauth API Key to this edition, and the custom build editions have lacked these keys for a long time, which cause some functions not to work. You can try the GEO link1 and GEO link2 to test Google GEO API. And you also can try to use Firefox Hello service import Contacts to test Google Oauth API.

Additionally, Mozilla has provided a new about:config option dom.ipc.plugins.flash.disable-protected-mode to configure Flash protected mode off since 35.0, and you can set it to true to test it. You can read the details from Bug 1108035 and Bug 1112709, I also use the Bug 1112709 patch.

I plan to add these features to my 35.x release edition, and after my 35.0 is finished, I will check it in order to make it pass virus total test, so that will cost me some time and may decrease some performance.


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  1. Facta says:

    I will try it. Thanks.


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