pcxFirefox 35.0 is Released

Follow official edition:
Download pcxFirefox

pcxFirefox 35.0 features added than before:
1) Add Google GEO API Key ( You can test it from http://mozqa.com/data/firefox/geolocation/position.html and https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/map-geolocation, other custom build may lack this feature )
2) Add Google Oauth API Key ( You can test it from Firefox Hello import contacts service, other custom build may lack this feature )
3) Support Bundled Fonts, in favour of Portable fonts ( –enable-bundled-fonts, put your fonts to firefox/fonts, then you can find the fonts in firefox options )


16 comments on “pcxFirefox 35.0 is Released

  1. Facta says:

    When clicking ‘Customize’, pcxFirefox 35 on Windows XP x86 shows a blank page instead of the corresponding icons. Also, Adblock Edge icon disappears from the toolbar. Someone else got this issue?


  2. Facta says:

    To make sure, I created a new profile with version 35, but the result is still the same.
    Never mind. Thanks for your response.


    • Facta says:

      I found the problem partially.
      I use a pre-configured ‘prefs.js’ which contains the line with an empty value as shown below.

      loop.soft_start_hostname —

      While pcxFirefox 34 still works fine with it, this causes several issues I mentioned with pcxFirefox 35. After I’ve resetted it to the default value which is:

      loop.soft_start_hostname soft-start.loop.services.mozilla.com

      pcxFirefox 35 started to work almost normally with the exception of Adblock Edge v2.1.7 which is still stuck. It says Firefox is preventing it from functioning or installing.


  3. fa2fda says:

    This link http://1drv.ms/1vaiJpz can’t be opened in pcxFirefox 35.0 (64 bit), but Firefox 35 open it.


  4. I have a problem with rendering the content on ask.fm website.
    Here is an example http://ask.fm/KaitlynYoungg/best
    As soon as I click on “view more” it messes up.
    Works on 33.1.1. x64
    Anything higher and it glitches.


    • xunxun says:

      Maybe it is related with HWA, but I can’t reproduce it using my PC’s GPU, you can try to use official edition, if also failed, you can report it to Mozilla’s Bugzilla.


      • Yes.
        It was due the HWA. (I have an integrated Intel HD 2500 GPU)
        I disabled it and it worked.
        Thank you for suggestion xunxun, but I will stay with pcxFirefox. (33.1.1. version)
        So far, the fastest and the most reliable browser out there.
        (6 tab groups opened with 396 tabs, RAM usage hoovering up to 3.5GB, zero lag and zero crashes, very stable)


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