Holiday is Coming

I will be on holiday next week, so my 36.0 edition will be delayed 1 to 3 weeks after official edition is released. Maybe then there will be a 36.0.1 🙂 .


8 comments on “Holiday is Coming

  1. Facta says:

    I thought Devs didn’t go on holidays.
    Have a SmartHoliday at a nice pcxLocation. 🙂


  2. jorg35 says:

    When can a new version 36.0 ?


  3. raerrrRain says:

    Thank you for your good job on pcxFirefox~
    Have a nice holiday!


  4. barth says:

    Please translate into Russian language description and place on Russian sites, torrents.


    • xunxun says:

      Well, I don’t understand Russian language, and everyone who is interested in it can help me do this work.


  5. Chris says:

    Have a great holiday and thanks for your hard work on pcxfirefox.

    Suggestion: perhaps you could do a version of the new Firefox Developer 64-bit edition?


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