Maybe no 41.0.2 and my 42.0 will also be delayed

Because of Bug 1209464 patches’ backed out, I think 41.0.2 has little slight significance, so maybe I won’t build it.

At the same time, I need some time to develop pcxFirefox Lite edition based on 42.0 ( the initial target is 15M-20M ), so my 42.0 full edition will also be delayed then.

In order to protect your privacy, please delete yourself from the world

I noticed that recently someone argue that pcxFirefox has some privacy problems, who gave a lot of funny reasons.

pcxFirefox follows Mozilla Firefox ‘s privacy policy, and their functions are almost the same, and has more official funtions than any other custom builds.

Of cource, you can remove Google Safebrowsing from the official source code in order not to send the information to Google, and you can say that is more privacy, but can you say offcial edition is more privacy than pcxFirefox?

I try to add Google GEO API Key and Google Oauth API Key to pcxFirefox in order to complete the official edition’s some functions, and other custom builds lack them. So you can say the other custom builds are more privacy than official edition, but can you say offcial edition is more privacy than pcxFirefox?

That’s right, I am Chinese, and in your opinion, as long as it is Chinese created software, it is very dangerous. I am very sympathetic for yours, and you can delete everything related with Chinese, if you think your country is a polymer of absolute truth.

I only say that to the idiots:
You should delete pcxFirefox, and you also should not use Mozilla Firefox, because I don’t know what privacy difference between them;
And you also delete other Firefox custom builds, because all of them are based on Firefox’s source code;
And you also delete any other open source software, because you don’t understand the code, so you can think that is dangerous;
And you also delete any other close source software, because you can’t find the privacy code.

So the results speak for themselves.

Removing Official 41+ x64 plugin restriction tool

Since bug 1165981 has landed, official 41+ x64 editions only recognize Flash plugin, which may cause some inconvenience for people who want to use other plugins such as FireIE, Siverlight, PDF Plugins and etc.
Custom build edition may back out bug 1165981 patches to remove the plugin restriction, but how official x64 edition users do?
I wrote a tool which can meet the needs some days earlier, which can be downloaded in
The tool will patch official x64 edition’s xul.dll. I tested it successfully in Fx41 x64, Fx42 x64, Fx43 x64, and I think as long as bug 1165981 related patches don’t change so much, the tool can work in any Fx41+ x64 windows official edition.

ps: The tool was generated by a patch tool using GBK, so there may be garbled in some OS, but didn’t influence the tool’s function. And I don’t guarantee whether the tool has some risk to your computer, because I only test it in my environment.