Removing Official 45+ x64 plugin restriction tool

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I upload the 45.0+ patch tool:

It is generated using diablo2oo2’s Universal Patcher v2.26.1, and the project is in . If you are suspicious about the tools’ security, you can use diablo2oo2’s Universal Patcher v2.26.1 to use the dup2project source code to generate the tool again yourself.

pcxFirefox 44.0 is Released

Follow official edition changes
Download pcxFirefox

Compatible Changes different from Official Edition
1) Remove the plugin restriction in x64 edition ( back out Bug 1165981 )
2) Restore distribution/bundles support ( back out Bug 1144127 )
3) Restore general.useragent.override.[domain] support ( back out Bug 896114 )

Important additional fixed official bugs
FIX { [Page Info]Save As (download) doesn’t work when two or more media files are selected at the same time }