pcxFirefox 46.0 is Released

Follow official edition changes
Download pcxFirefox

Compatible Changes different from Official Edition
1) Remove the plugin restriction in x64 edition ( back out Bug 1165981 )
2) Restore distribution/bundles support ( back out Bug 1144127 )
3) Restore general.useragent.override.[domain] support ( back out Bug 896114 )

And remove the [feature]Enable internal plugin white list.

About disable extension signing check
Because of Mozilla some changes ( I haven’t worked it out yet ), if you migrate from the same official edition to my build, you can’t enable the disabled unsigned extensions, when you notice that, you can enter about:config and toggle xpinstall.signatures.required option some times, then the disabled extensions will be enabled. If you update your edition from my older build, you don’t need toggle the option.

Important additional fixed official bugs
Bug 1261671 – [non-e10s] IME candidate window position is not located at correct position when Full zoom level 100%
Bug 1201904 – [x86_64][Win] IME is disabled on Flash Player