An Experimental ProcessPriority Feature in pcxFirefox 46.0

pcxFirefox 46.0 introduced an Experimental ProcessPriority Feature, which will boost the firefox process to HIGH_PRIORITY when firefox starts, and after 30 seconds, firefox’s process priority will be changed to ABOVE_NORMAL. Correspondingly, plugin-container process will be started with ABOVE_NORMAL.

When start firefox, HIGH_PRIORITY can speed up the boot time, I plan in future, the user can custom the 30 seconds delay time and the normal running process priority. And the future feature may depend on your CPU occupancy rate.

In fact, I don’t want to release the feature to end user ( though I use the feature about a year ), but I found that my 46.0 build script contained the feature, and I have no time to check it again. So release is released, take it easy!