pcxFirefox 53.0.2 is Released

Follow official edition changes
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Since 53.x, I won’t check whether it works on XP/Vista ( follow what Mozilla does )

Fixed issues additionally:
1) Bug 1345893 – Handle Suspend() called on an HTTP channel from http-on-modify-request handler
2) Fix incorrect ABI specification for js-ctypes declaration ( Bug 1358288, Bug 1358549, Bug 1358552, Bug 1359536, Bug 1359548 )

1) Newer processor that supports x86 SSE2 or x64
2) Introduce multithread load and portable feature ( set Portable=1 in tmemutil.ini to enable the portable feature )
3) Implement config.trim_on_minimize on Vista+ OS again, but set it to false by default
4) Provide a tmemutil alternative open source module, whose source code is hosted in https://bitbucket.org/xunxun/tmemutil-3rd ( initial upstream source code comes from https://code.google.com/p/libportable/source/browse/ ). My tmemutil-3rd may not be synchronized updating with libportable, if you want to use latest libportable, you can download http://sourceforge.net/projects/libportable/files/Tools/portable_bin.7z/download , and rename portable32.dll or portable64.dll to tmemutil.dll
5) Implement System Clock Tweak Experimental Feature ( details below, may be changed in future editions ), enabled by default
6) Implement SmartRAM Experimental Feature ( details below, may be changed in future editions ), disabled by default
7) Try to disable extension signing check ( may have bugs, needs feedback )
8) Implement ProcessPriority Feature
9) Implement WebP Support: set image.webp.enabled to true to enable the feature

Compatible Changes different from Official Edition
1) Remove the plugin restriction in x64 edition ( back out Bug 1165981 )
2) Restore distribution/bundles support ( back out Bug 1144127 )
3) Restore general.useragent.override.[domain] support( back out Bug 896114 )