tmemutil for pcxfirefox 20160922

tmemutil module source code is hosted in

VC2015 build since this edition.

And set Nocompatete=1 by default, and remove Nocompatete setting.

tmemutil for pcxfirefox 20150517 VC2015 build

tmemutil module source code is hosted in

Full edition:

Depending on, if built by VC2015, mini crt should be added _NO_CRT_STDIO_INLINE to CFLAGS.

tmemutil for pcxfirefox 20150517

tmemutil module source code is hosted in

Full edition:

Lite edition:

Lite edition removes SafeEx function, and I want to package it in my lite edition.

Virustotal Report below



pcxFirefox Internal Portable feature from adonais

For some reasons, I have been hoping to develop an open source tmemutil module all the time, but I failed it, until adonais wrote the similar libportable module, which is a perfect substitute for tmemutil.

At the libportable early code, I cloned the code and introduce some fix for my firefox. As libportable module continues to mature, I plan not to make big fix for it, and want to make it my default portable module, maybe only fix the compatible issue with tete009’s tmemutil.dll. Of course anyhow, I suggest you to use it, whether it is from adonais‘s original edition or from my fix edition.

The reasons I want to move to it has two:
1. tete009’s tmemutil.dll is a private module, on a newer tmemutil edition, it is SSE2 optimized. But I want to make my future mini edition run on no SSE2 CPU, so I must need an open source module.
2. tete009 tmemutil.dll can not support unicode tmemutil.ini

You can find libportable‘s usage details from here.
I will tanslate it here later.

I create adonais‘s original libportable prebuilt edition here.

My fix libportable edition is here.

pcxFirefox Internal Portable feature from tete009

Since a very early edition ( maybe 12.0? ), pcxFirefox introduce the internal portable feature, which depends on tete009’s tmemutil.dll.

tmemutil.dll ‘s configure file is tmemutil.ini, whose usage is from the link, and you can find the example from the link.

You can find the prebuilt build from tete009’s build or the link.

I have created my project mirror for tete009’s tmemutil, and you can find it from here.